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Fit for Start-up Company.

Online presence is crucial to the success of a startup. You need a website to represent your company and communicate your brand to your target consumers effectively. Redcorp can help you get started with building your site and getting some attention to your product or service.

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Suitable for mid-sized technology companies, e-commerce, and other medium-sized companies.

Connect with your clients, share your beautiful work, and boost your sales.

Instantly start publishing you posts, showcase your amazing work, and start selling you awesome products via website to perfectly fit your business’s specific needs.

What will you get?

Redcorp makes sure you don’t waste a single minute. What you will get from this Startup package is as follows:

Features Availabity
Domain name: .com/.net/.org/.id 1 Year
Standard SSL Certificate 1 Year
Storage 2 GB
Memory 512 MB
CPU Power 1 Core
Database Unlimited
Email Account Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Disk I/O Throughput 4 MB
Add-on Domain 3
Support Working Hours
Web Template Standard
Platform WordPress/Joomla/Bootstrap/HTML5
Tax Included

The Best Cloud Features & Technology

StartIT has all you need to create a stunning website for your business. Easily import the whole demo content with one click, and then simply customize the theme to your needs.

Domain Forever

Free & Auto-Renewing domain for life. Applies to packages: Enterprise: FREE .com/.net/.id/

Free Web Migration

Website migration without downtime and without any costs.

Premium Support

Free support services via helpdesk, live chat and telephone.

Unlimited Bandwidth

High-level network speeds with no data transfer limits for domestic and international traffic.

LiteSpeed Cache

Super advanced caching module that helps increase website load speed.

Up to 40x Faster

Using LiteSpeed Enterprise webserver 40x faster than Apache webserver and designed to handle very high traffic.

DB Caching

Database caching technology objects in RAM and faster performance with Redis DB Caching.


Super fast & efficient servers with AMD EPYC (Rome) technology to serve heavy application workloads.

SSD Storage

5x faster NVMe SSD storage technology increases application and database processing speed.

Define Storage

Multiple storage nodes & high-speed 2x25 Gbps network data storage technology for max IOPS throughput and low latency of ~ 0.1 ms.

Anti-DDos Protection

Cloudflare Magic Transit's premium protects against all types of L3/L4 DDoS attacks without any performance degradation.

Imunify360 Security

AI technology (machine learning) from Imunify360 to quickly anticipate the latest cyber threats.

Email Protection

SpamExperts ensures a clean inbox of spam, viruses and phishing. MailChannels ensures that all email delivery goes to the recipient's Inbox, not to the Junk/Spam folder.

Network Quick Healing

Network Cloud is designed to auto quick healing when there is a problem in one of the hardware or network components.

Enterprise Hardware

The best and ultra reliable server, network, storage and hardware components to ensure optimal cloud hosting services.

Automatic Backup

Automatically backed up every day and archived up to 2 months. When an incident occurs, just log in to cPanel to easily restore files, databases or emails.

We provide the best support

Because we concern about your business.

We are always here to provide solutions for every your needs supported by friendly and qualified staff.

Ready to Start?
Whether you’re an established tech firm, rising startup, or inspired entrepreneur, you can be sure you’ll find absolutely everything you need for your dream website in Redcorp Indonesia. So why wait? Get Started today and make your awesome business idea a reality.